Bypass iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S passcode hack iphone 4 passcode

More iPhone password tutorials at This video shows you how to access your contacts if you forgot your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 password. Th…
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25 comments on “Bypass iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S passcode hack iphone 4 passcode
  1. Samantha Richards says:

    Didnt work

  2. mike zengewald says:


  3. mike zengewald says:

    so is Kim or Vicky got? cause the numbers are there :)

  4. 小雨 庄 says:

    it’s work for Iphone 4 ?

  5. 232Minecraft says:

    For me too

  6. akirajd says:

    Won’t work with the 7.0 software update in Sept. 2013.

  7. ericg493 says:

    phone wont turn on

  8. Master Yoda says:

    if you can’t even remember your 4 digit passcode, you don’t deserve to find out your contacts.

  9. MegaJackelope says:

    How do people find out things like this? I imagine people doing a completely random series of thing until something happens.

  10. Jamaica Dancehall TV says:

    I thought it would be full bypass

  11. Greasechain says:

    How do I retrieve old videos on iPhone

  12. coryfury says:

    112 actually went through to 911… They called me xD

  13. Isaac Marquez says:

    phone wont turn on!!!

  14. iOoZZoO says:

    take the power button and then home button fo 5 seconden.

  15. barca black says:

    it’s work for Iphone 4 ?

  16. barca black says:

    it’s work for iphone4 ?

  17. barca black says:

    it’s work for iphone4?

  18. kyle101199 says:

    I just get a black screen

  19. sonicthehedhogfan says:

    112 is swedish! xD

  20. Valmir Djelosevic says:

    so right and so true

  21. goodjolly78 says:

    apple put this chip in it that lets them know if someone has been hacking or something like this once i bought an ipod from whsmith i tried to jailbreak it and that was the end of that because i had the exact problem it wouldnt turn on

  22. Justin Smith says:

    and his change changed color
    seems legit

  23. TangozProductionz says:

    ima call viky

  24. Rashi Mon says:

    hai my i phone is this who to solve my problem

  25. Prazual Thapaliya says:

    thanx so much