Important: This hack is discontinued and no longer works. Check out the link at the top of the page for the new version.

Note: no root is required for this hack!

This hack is for version 4.4.0 (Android) of the game. We will always provide the newest hack for the latest version of the game.

Looking for the hack for the iOS version? Go here:
[iOS] Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.4.0 (Springfield) Hack [Unlimited Donuts/Money]

Tutorial – How to install the hack:

1) Download the files v0 and v1b. Copy the .apk files to your phone and make sure you have a file explorer to install them.

2) Make sure you have the “allow non market apps / unknown source” option enabled on your phone.

3) Uninstall your current version of the game (your data will not be lost as its stored in your origin profile).

4) Install the hacked .apk v0

5) Start the game and let it update fully

6) After the update process has finished, make sure the game works so far! Then exit the game.

7) Install the hacked .apk v1b (don’t uninstall v0, just overwrite the app)

8) Start the game again. There should be another update now.

9) Download the update and start playing.

10) Thats it! You made it. Follow the instructions below to find out how to get unlimited money / donuts.

Download Links:

Download 4.4.0 v0
md5: CAC1690B0CF8945E57CB4443CC1E1325

Download 4.4.0 v1b
md5: B67544E434B227AE15A7455B0AD6FE3A

Happy Tapping Everyone!

Simpsons Hack

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