STARBOUND BETA – What YOU need to know! Starbound Free Download

Less than a week away from Starbound Beta starting, here’s what you need to know including how to get into beta and what different stages of beta there will …
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12 comments on “STARBOUND BETA – What YOU need to know! Starbound Free Download
  1. indeimaus says:

    How to get into Starbound beta? what are the stages? I tell you in this
    video :d

  2. DehiXeM says:

    Hey there Maus, are you sure you need to buy the Silver tier to access the
    beta ? That feature seems included in the 15$ pixel tier.

  3. Hobo Commander says:

    hay i just wanted to know if i play stage 1 beta could i play stage 2 beta
    when it comes out ???? please help this is really bugging me THANKS!!! GOOD

  4. Neftolis Zulander says:

    Starbound bayder.

  5. Kiwikilljoy says:

    The Pixel tier also grants beta access! You almost scared me, I bought the
    pixel tier awhile ago and I would cry if I did not get the beta for my
    purchase. Thumbs up so everybody can see!

  6. esseubot says:

    DAT SEXY VOICE! ( sorry i could not hold it)

  7. Fludder2344 says:

    omg Indei we’re the same person I swear.

  8. Kenny Ellis says:

    are you gonna be uploading starbound anytime soon?

  9. Snoop221 says:

    Why does it sound like you’re saying Baiter?

  10. Crimson Butternubs says:

    hey maus, will you be hosting a server? and if so are you white listing
    people now ?

  11. BlazingCoin says:

    doesn’t the pixel tier get you in the beta?

  12. Banzure says:

    You’re allowed to stream/record anything from the game, just link to the
    homepage of the game. Also, as others mentioned, any tier pre-order gives
    access to Beta.